Bahrain National Insurance Advertising, Social Media


As one of Bahrain’s leading Insurance companies, BNI had been a pioneer in the industry when it came to using technology to better the customer experience. They wished to bring the bni name to the forefront and be seen in the minds of the consumer as synonymous with being an advanced, modern company without over-claiming it.


The challenge was that Insurance as a subject is dull and boring without much scope for excitement. Much of the market tries to get by with the obvious security and protection messaging. We had to turn boring into interesting so people would sit up and take notice. Since social media was a large part of the strategy, it also had to be adaptable to the medium.


We were inspired by the word ‘advanced’ and created a fictional Alien family of 4 who were on the lookout for the best insurance products in the galaxy. Since bni fit their bill, they landed on Bahrain and started sharing their bni experiences with people of Bahrain. Apart from press ads, we developed, created and ran a ‘Win daily with bni’ Instagram contest for over a month. Needless to say Bahrain took notice and bni, who had been social media shy, generated an impressive fan following over just 30 days.

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