BBK Advertising Strategy


BBK, one of Bahrain’s largest commercial banks was to kick off the next cycle of their main Savings Account Al Hayrat. The brief for 2014 was to make Al Hayrat offering so attractive all year through that it would deter customers from switching between other similar offerings. The other big project was to create the BBK Loans campaign with 3 Mini Coopers to be won.


The old Al Hayrat identity had to be refreshed, since the ocean and moneybag theme could not be stretched any further. But the core brand element - the big money bag had to remain. For the Loans campaign, the cars had to be made the hero and visualised in a way that did not look like a regular Shop & Win car at the local mall. Also the same ad had to indicate how many were left to be won.


GM created the concept of a ‘Year Long Ride’ with prizes to be won every short interval and was visualised as a carnival route. The money bag element was cleverly designed into the theme and extended into all prize categories. The campaign caught the public’s eye instantly with product benefits highlighted in a fun manner. For the Loans campaign the Mini Coopers were stacked/lined up on a clean background and we had little Minis running up the BBK malls creating more buzz.

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