BIA Brand Revision


BIA serves as the ideal hub for operations in the fast-growing Gulf and MENA markets. It has a wide range and frequency of regional services connecting major international destinations. However, a significant portion of passengers served are Saudis and Western expats working in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and the brand’s single language logo did not address them.


The client approached us for a re-haul and revision of their brand as it was stuck with an unusable identity. It not only failed to convey what the brand portrayed, but was also an English only logo. Our task was to modify this unusable brand identity and adjust it for practical application across a diverse set of communication material without altering the original essence.


We set about developing a practical dual language logo and created a comprehensive guideline as to how the logo locks up and works with the secondary brand element of the lines. We also designed an advertising template for horizontal and vertical formats. This new identity was then successfully implemented across the signage of the airport along with the designing of their uniforms and livery.

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