BWTC Digital/Web design


Bahrain World Trade Center is one of the kingdom’s most upscale business address. They required us to revamp their website to be more in line with their brand personality and iconic status. They also wanted a special Leasing foldout to share with their prospective clients reflecting the same look and feel.


The challenge was to reflect the modern iconic look and feel while remaining simple, easy to use and viewer friendly at the same time. While designing it was also important to keep in mind the fact that it was a World Trade Center and thus had to reflect its international stature.


We created a responsive design totally inspired by the architectural style of the building. All design elements were very clean and modern; and even the downloading/waiting icon used the turbine blades. We introduced aspects like world clocks and local weather information as prominent features of the design to reflect the international stature of this building.

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High-end Leasing