MODA Mall Digital/Web design


Bahrain’s only upscale shopping destination MODA Mall was being seen as too high-end, such that it was alienating a set of clientele that would like to indulge in occasional exclusive purchases. The website also felt stuffy and uninviting and there was a need to refresh the brand digitally.


The challenge was to expand the client base without diluting the premium nature of the brand. We had to make it more inclusive without losing on the exclusivity. Also the brand feel had to become more human and relatable.


We created a modern, clean, design with luxurious undertones evinced in the choice of photographs. The downloading/waiting icon used the M logo filling up. We introduced more visuals of the mall to reflect its exclusive interiors and beauty of architecture. There was a greater use of light and white with muted undertones to make it feel airy and bright just like the mall.

Industry | Discipline


High-end Retail