Gulf Marcom Group MD Thamer Al Muqla speaks at the National Skills and Employability Summit 2015

17 Jun, 2015


The Managing Director of Gulf Marcom Group, Mr. Thamer Khamis Al Muqla, was invited to speak at the National Skills & Employability Summit 2015 on June 10th held under the patronage of the Education Minister H.E. Dr. Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi.

Mr. Al Muqla shared his views on talent requirements in the media sector with an audience that comprised representatives from universities, government bodies, students and other industries.
He emphasised on the role of the Public Relations & Media sector in the social and economic growth of the kingdom, remarking specifically on how technology has revolutionised the way we create and use information. Internationally we are witnessing a radical transformation in this field as a more integrative approach is being applied to media usage for communication whereby traditional media and social media are being intermixed for most impact.

“News and information are now available round-the-clock and can be accessed easily through channels and devices which were non-existent just a few years ago! We expect explosive development in this field over the next few years which, needless to say, would generate many job opportunities for Bahraini students in the fields of advertising, communication, marketing and media.”

He remarked on the exciting times that lay ahead as the various components of the media eco-system whether television, music, internet etc., have become increasingly interdependent and interconnected. This could only mean wider opportunities for job-seekers across a range of positions right from front-desk staff to pre-production, editing, acoustic engineering, copy writing, print and graphics staff and many more relevant services.

Mr. Muqla further explained the many challenges this sector faces especially that of lack of trained talent be it marketing communication skills, media relations, creative writing or customer management.

Commenting on whether Bahrain’s market is ready for the challenge of harnessing media’s true potential, Mr. Thamer continued, “Since the market of Media and Public Relations has witnessed a rapid growth recently, there is a need to keep up with the pace and work towards the enhancement of infrastructure apart from increasing the awareness among students and developing sufficient educational support that addresses the skills gaps and allows better access to the market.”

The goal as he sees, is clearly to increase the number of qualified workers in this industry which is where the role of formulating bodies, universities and such training institutes becomes crucial. On the other hand one can continue to increase the awareness among the Bahraini youth of the available vacancies in the sector through regular and targeted communication.