Seef Mall Promotion
and Events


For a long time Seef Mall had been one of the most popular malls in Bahrain, along with Fraser Suites and Isa Town Mall; generations had grown up with Seef Mall. However, new malls were springing up and taking away footfalls. As a retainer agency, we were assigned to design, plan and manage events that would keep the mall top most in the minds of the public.


Seef Mall had to be seen as the hub of family outings. That required introducing and organising events that would be unique to Bahrain, thereby attracting crowds in large. They had to be innovative and interactive with a wow factor to entice everyone to head to Seef Mall and not elsewhere.


A fun fantasy challenge was planned catering to all age groups. Dragons, genies and all things magical came to life in the mall. Right from type of games to the sourcing of material to the rules of participation were worked out with meticulous detail. The crowning glory was the Giant Crystal Ball which was really new to the Bahrainis. The mall was abuzz with excitement and activity for weeks.

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