SICO Corporate Ads


Gulf Marcom has been handling SICO’s advertising and corporate collaterals for over five years. The client’s image has been one of a serious, intelligent investment bank. Their positioning has always been forward looking but with prudence. Most of their advertising is in business magazines/papers and is directed at corporate clients, hence tone of voice and imagery are critical elements.


Post the economic crises, it was even more imperative to maintain their positioning and their positive outlook. The 2014 ad reflected cautious but optimistic approach through a tough phase and needed an upgrade to a more positive look and feel. The 2015 advertising needed to reflect confidence without overpromising, keeping the focus on the research capability of SICO and it being a knowledgeable partner.


With our understanding of SICO’s positioning, we explored research as a concept and how that could reflect growth. We then designed a shot of a research journal folded in a way to appear as an infinity symbol thereby reflecting SICO’s strength and emphasizing the fact that it has been and will continue to support investment decisions of its clients.

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Investment Banking