Tamkeen Inspirational Journeys


Tamkeen is an autonomous semi-governmental organisation that supports the development of skills/productivity of Bahraini individuals and businesses by way of providing consultancy and financial support. To help its beneficiaries achieve their potential and to inspire success, Tamkeen wanted to share stories of Bahraini entrepreneurs who had set off and made a name of their own.


This exercise was to be largely digital and activated across the digital media platform including website, facebook, instagram, web-banners etc. So each story had to be integrated to be adaptive to each medium and still remain fresh and different.


Since this communication was to be largely digital, we designed a dedicated microsite and took a very new concept that was just making the rounds globally called the ‘instazine’ for smaller bites of the stories to be featured in an interesting way. All files, video and stills, were interlinked and could be accessed from one social media account or the other. The design also kept in mind each company’s brand identity as well helped bring freshness to the look and feel.

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