The Region’s First Social Media Ad Film Series

The Challenge:
Seef Mall was launching a Shop n’ Win promotion across all its malls in Bahrain. However, the other bigger malls were competing for footfalls by offering aggressive deals as well.
The challenge was to communicate the promotion in an engaging way and appeal to a wider audience, which included the affluent visitors from KSA.

The Solution:
Our idea for the Seef 1000 promo was to create a series of videos, comprising of 15 episodes that revolved around one character and his family.
The series highlighted our characters’ excitement and enthusiasm in shopping only at Seef Mall to win BD 1000. The humour was further enhanced as the central character was portrayed by Bovlix, one of the popular Instagram Influencers in the region.
The resulting communication was the region’s first social media ad film series, which was highly engaging and liked by the viewers. The result, Seef 1000 was a huge success, with footfalls and sales exceeding client’s expectations.

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